Walter Sauer

(Vorst (Brussel) 1889-1927 Algiers)

The Belgian draughtsman, painter and etcher Walter Sauer (1889-1927) studied at the Brusselse Academie voor Schone Kunsten (Brussels Academy of Fine Arts), mainly in the decorative class with Constant Montald. Large dimension works will become a lifelong fascination. Japonism (a fondness for Eastern art and culture) is also an important source of inspiration. In 1911, Sauer makes a long journey through France and Italy for study trips. Sauer is innovative on the technical front. To accentuate the ivory skin of the model, the artist brushes his sheet with bees wax. Gold and silver plate sometimes form a frame around his drawings.

When he receives the commission to decorate a Byzantine room with scenes from the life of Christ, Sauer travels to Spain and Algeria for inspiration. He dies there unexpectedly at the age of 38.

  • Naam: Walter Sauer
  • Geboren Vorst (Brussel) 1889
  • Overleden Algiers 1927.