Rinze Hamstra

"Houd stand, 1930"

nummer 9036
Kunsthandel Studio2000 Schilderij

Rinze Hamstra

Geboren: 1895.

Overleden: 1974.


Meer Hamstra, Rinze

Amsterdam 1895-1974 Zeist

Amsterdam 1930

Ink on paper
36 x 36 cm.
Signed: lower right

Provenance: Private collection, The Netherlands.

At that time many trade magazine readers and readers have bought a print of the beautiful drawing, produced by Rinze Hamstra, on which, under the motto: Keep Stand. This work of art symbolizes how by united cooperation the demands arising from the abnormal times can be defeated. The proceeds of those prints were at the time paid to the Crisis Committee. In 1932 in Algemeen Handelsblad (dutch newspaper) was written: “And now the Handelsblad management has had the generous gesture to also serve the original valuable drawing to this, we dare to say: national case.” The portraits of Rinze Hamstra, however simple of design, often move the viewer through the humanity that radiates from them.


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Houd stand, 1930
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