Edmond Cross

(Douai 1856-1910 Lavandou)

The French artist Henri-Edmond Delacroix anglicized his name to Cross in 1883. Initially, he worked in a realistic style in heavy colours. His palette lightened when he got acquainted to the paintings of Monet and Seurat, and in particular under influence of Signac he changed his style to pointillism. In this style, he preferred the use of bigger strokes over dots. With Seurat and Signac, Cross founded the Société des Artistes Indépendants.

Cross painted portraits, nudes, still lifes and marines. He mainly used primary colours, in which he is seen as a precursor of fauvism.

In this landscape, the early beginning of Cross’ pointillism is seen in the sky and some parts of the landscape. Other parts are still painted in the realistic manner he was used to, but already with the bright colours of the impressionists.