Emile René Ménard

"Naakt bij de waterval"

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Emile René Ménard

Geboren: Parijs Frankrijk 1862.

Overleden: Parijs Frankrijk 1930.



Meer Ménard, Emile René

Paris 1862-1930

Paris 1900

Oil on canvas
70 x 50 cm.
Signed: lower right ‘E.R. Menard’.

Emile René Ménard was inspired by women: he depicted them as nymphs or dream-like creatures. In this painting, Ménard clearly saw the woman as a classical nude. He painted her, introvert and not knowing that she is being watched. The woman becomes one with the enchanting landscape. It is a moment without time and it has nothing to do with the quickly-changing society Ménard lived in.

Ménard was a student of Bouguereau and took classes at the Académie Julian. He was influenced by the painters in Barbizon, but also loved antiquities; in the Meditterannian he searched for the remains of Great Greece. He loved to paint pastoral scenes with the idyllic life of nymphs in idealized arcadic landscapes.  

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Meer werken van Emile René Ménard (1862-1930)

Naakt bij de waterval
Emile René Ménard (1862-1930)