Dirk Smorenberg

"Boerderijen bij Loosdrecht"

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Dirk Smorenberg

Geboren: 1883.

Overleden: 1960.


Meer Smorenberg, Dirk

Alkmaar 1883-1960 Oud-Loosdrecht (Wijdemeren)


Oil on canvas
54,5 x 69 cm.

The painter Dirk Smorenberg (1883-1960) is known to the public for his flower pieces painted with great precision and solid forms and his stylized water lilies on the lakes near Loosdrecht, where he had his home and studio since 1920. The studio was located in one of the most ideal places on the Loenderveen lake. There he could regularly admire and catch the light of the sunrise and sunset on the canvas. He painted not only nature but a certain vision of life. Smorenberg used nature to air his heart. He stylized on it, resulting in many landscapes, still-life’s and portraits. His paintings are scattered throughout the world. His heyday years between 1910 and 1925 he developed as an artist and self-taught. At the beginning you see works in a naturalistic style as you know them from the Haagsche School. Then he leans towards a more luministic style, after which he then focuses on the abstract. He drew, watercolored and painted figures, flowers and especially landscapes with her water lilies. The whole led to the development of his own decorative style. The audience that recognizes the work of the bohemian from thousands.

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Dirk Smorenberg (1883-1960)
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Dirk Smorenberg (1883-1960)