Lhôte, André

Andre Lhote

Geboren: 1885.

Overleden: 1962.

André Lhôte

(Bordeaux 1885-1962 Parijs)

André LHote was an autodidact with a very intelligent way of painting, till 1940 he was also working as an art-criticus at the "Nouvelle Revue Francaise". He had a great influence on the art in Paris by having his own art-academie in de rue Odessa at Paris. He worked in a cubistic way inwhich the transformation of figures and surfaces by colour and line was a subtile way of the expression of movement even in the portraits he painted. Our painting "Marguerite au chapeau de paille" is a nice example of his ambition to perfect his ideas.

  • Naam: Andre Lhote

  • Geboren 1885

  • Overleden 1962

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Werken van Andre Lhote (1885-1962)

Marguerite met strohoed
Andre Lhote (1885-1962)